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All over India, 275 billion tons of cotton waste, 112 billion tons of cutting/garment waste and 9 lakh tons of PET fiber are being produced per year and have been land filled for so many years.


Recycling these wastes and making them useful is the purpose of OE (Open End Spinning mills) mills.


OE mills base spans over 400+ mills in Tamil Nadu, around which

  • 260 are Grey yarn manufacturers.

  • 230 colour yarn manufacturers.


These mills produce yarns and supply for 12 lakh Power looms and 80 lakh hand loom weavers around India.


The products from these recycled yarns are used for:

  •  Bed sheets

  •  Made-ups

  •  Curtains

  •  Towels

  •  School uniforms and

  •  Other garments.


RTF was formed primarily for

  • Collaborative growth

  • Exposure within the industry

  • Exclusive technical guidance and knowledge.

RTF provides all the benefits to its members with free subscription.

Every week yarn prices are uploaded in the yarn price  page.

Contact our executive committee to join our active WhatsApp group.

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